Save a Tree: 5 Eco-Friendly Wrapping Options

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Looking for creative ways to green your gift wrapping this year? There are plenty of eco-friendly methods for using things you have on hand as gift wrap, but if you’re not feeling crafty or if you prefer buying unique paper, it’s still possible to find green alternatives. Whether you’re looking for recycled gift wrap, paper that isn’t made from trees or reusable options, there’s plenty to choose from. Take at look at these five alternatives we’ve found to make wrapping presents a little more sustainable.

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1. Reusable Gift Wrap and Bags

If you’re not attached to the idea of paper gift wrap, take a look at all the reusable cloth alternatives out there. offers a wide variety of reusable options including 100% cotton organic gift wrap from Chewing the Cud and nylon gift wrap from Lyziwraps, both of which come in a variety of sizes and patterns.

Lucky Crow reusable gift bags are another option and they come in numerous holiday patterns.

ellaWrap, another great alternative, offers unique styles including envelopes and bags with bows. According to their website, “If every family wrapped just three holiday presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.” ellaWrap advocates starting a new family tradition with reusable wrapping.

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