12 Eco-Stories to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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We often hear people complaining that there is much more bad news in the media than good news. This is even frequently the case with eco-news. But when we really looked, we realized that there were plenty of upbeat eco-stories that demonstrate how individuals, schools, companies and even cities are making positive impacts. Keep reading to see a dozen stories that might just help restore your faith in humanity.

1. Artist Makes Purses from Recycled Tents to Rebuild School

Catherine Charlot, upcycle
Photo: Catherine E. Charlot
Catherine Charlot, upcycle
Dixon Ticonderoga, Change.org
farm stand, homeless garden project
The Empowerment Plan
Easter Seals, CompuCycle
clean-up, United by Blue
Clean the World, hotel soap
GreenTown, LEED

Early in the year, we
reported that artist and designer Catherine Eduard Charlot had undertaken a project in her native Haiti to help victims of the 2010 earthquake. Charlot met a local pastor who was struggling to educate 150 children in the Kafou Chada region of Croix des Bouquets, a low-income district, and decided she would raise money to help rebuild a school for the kids.

To do so, Charlot, who turned old umbrellas into fashion in the past, decided to turn USAID tents that Haitians were selling or throwing away into handbags, which she would then sell to raise funds. Most of the tents would have ended up in the trash, so not only did her plans help Haitian children, they also eliminated what would have been a lot of waste.

Charlot is passionate about reuse and recycling, and she especially enjoys teaching these techniques to school children. Charlot’s designs can be found at her website.

To learn more, check out the
full story.

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