Earth911 Readers Try New Green Things in 2013

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In December, we asked readers to tell us green things they want to try in the new year. Readers responded with some great ideas, many of which only require a small change but can make a big impact. Take a look at what new things people will be trying in the new year, and perhaps find some inspiration for your own new eco-habits.

community, planting

Starting a community garden in 2013 can provide food and build ties in your neighborhood. Photo: Shutterstock

1. Mary Beth Volmer: “In the new year I’m going to start a community garden.”

When starting a community garden, it might help to see what others have done. Our list of inspiring community gardens can do just that.

2. Kristin Troska: “I am going to use hankies rather than tissue.”

Reusable items like handkerchiefs can cut down on an amazing amount of waste. Learn about other reusables like silverware and straws: Reusable Replacements: Eating On-the-Go .

3. Beth Buczynski: “In the new year, I’m going to focus more on collaborative consumption: especially for transportation and ‘stuff’ that I need. I want sharing to be my first response to a need or want, rather than an after thought.”

Water bottle, reusable

Readers want to carry reusable water bottles when on-the-go. Photo: Sigg

Sharing can reduce waste in all areas of your life, whether that’s ridesharing or asking your neighbor if you can borrow a ladder rather than buying your own.

4. Trisha Hemingway: “I plan on bringing the organization I work for to ‘green’ status in 2013 through my local Chamber of Commerce.”

Many of us spend plenty of time at work, so helping green your workplace can do a lot of good for the planet. For ideas, don’t miss: 50+ Ways to Green Your Workday.

5. Sarah Gocek: “Bringing a coffee mug to coffee shops and not buying soda in plastic bottles (especially single serving bottles).”

Want to check out replacements for disposable coffee cups and water bottles? Take a Look: Reusable Replacements: Your Morning Coffee and Find the Right Reusable Water Bottle Option

6. Alyan Gaon-Lerner: “In the new year I will expand my indoor garden and start composting.”

If you need some tips for gardening, we can help. Check Out: The Yardless Garden. If you’re interested in learning to compost, The Simple Science of Composting will explain the process.

7. Lynn Colwell: “This next year I want to work harder at grouping errands to cut down on driving.”

Grouping errands is great way to reduce emissions. You could also consider learning your local public transit system or biking when possible.

8. Liz Kroyer: “I would like to start using rechargeable batteries and possibly buy a rain bucket for 2013!”

Want to learn more about rechargeable batteries before you buy them? Read: 5 FAQs about Recycling Rechargeable Batteries

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