Stay Green in 2013: Sustainability in the Kitchen

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With the New Year comes new beginnings. This year, resolve to stay planet-friendly, and even expand your low-waste repertoire, with useful ideas to help you cut waste in your kitchen. From canning to composting, here are 13 tips to help you stay green in 2013.


Homepage Image: Alexandra Vietti/Earth911

1. Cook locally and seasonally

watermelon, salad, homemade, food, photography, basil, kitchen, dining room, table, spoon
Photo: Alexandra Vietti/Earth911
watermelon, salad, homemade, food, photography, basil, kitchen, dining room, table, spoon
compost, composting, pile, water, hose, woman, girl, farm
herb, herbs, boutonniere, boutonnieres, wedding, formal, lavender,
barbecue, grill, grilled, vegetable, vegetables, hamburger, burger, burgers, shrimp
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coffee, can, cans, cubby, cubbies, yarn, craft, room, crafting, recycled
man, holding, vegetables, fresh, crops, produce, pepper, peppers, cucumbers, squash, lettuce, tomatoes
solar, oven, beach, cooker, cooking, sun, ocean
chicobag, reusable, produce, bag, bags, grocery, store, lettuce, greens, shopping
herb, keeper, herbs, food, fresh,
jarred, canned, food, foods, pickled, peppers, olives, green beans,
food, co-op, cooperative, grocery, store, natural, foods, health
apple, eaten, half, bite, bites, bitten, fruit, food, waste

Eating local food is becoming increasingly popular, with the number of farmers’ markets nationwide topping 7,000, according to the USDA.

Last year, to help you navigate the ins and outs of local eats, Earth911 Staff Writer Kathryn Sukalich took on the challenge herself and prepared a delicious dinner menu based around local and seasonal ingredients, including this tasty watermelon, tomato and basil salad.

Follow along with Kathryn as she learns what’s local, figures out what was in season, navigates her local farmers’ market and, finally, adapts two recipes for one delicious, locally-sourced and seasonal meal.

For more ideas to jump-start the locavore movement in your kitchen, check out our local guide to winter produce – chock-full of seasonal picks from every region in the country.

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