Outrageous Furniture Made from Surprising Recycled Materials

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Some furniture made from recycled materials is subtle. Pieces could be easily confused with your run of the mill manufactured table or chair. Luckily, some designers prefer to get in-your-face with their designs. We’ve scoured the Web and found a bit of both, and it’s all awesome.

1. Food Wrapper Chair

Ecoist, recycled food wrapper furniture
Photo: Ecoist.com
Ecoist, recycled food wrapper furniture
recycled water ski chair, skichair.com
graypants, pendant lights, recycled lighting, cardboard
recycled metal drum, seat, regeared
bikefurniture, bicycle furniture
Nuxite, recycled walnut shell surface
hipcycle, Cambodia, recycled plastic bag furniture

Food wrappers woven into sturdy sheets provide the upholstery for a piece of furniture that’s a definite attention grabber.

Because each item in designer Emiliano Godoy’s collection is made to order, the selection of recycled packaging material offers potential to personalize the look. The front sides of candy wrappers and soda labels offer varied color blends. The blank reverse sides provide a fabric that’s white or silver. The upholstery is slipped over a wooden structure.

The candy wrapper chair is offered by Miami-based Ecoist, which sells various products made from chip bags, soda labels and other recycled food packaging.

The material is generally acquired from printing waste, such as misprints and excess stock.

The candy-wrapper upholstery is reported to be naturally water repellant, so the products may be wiped clean. The price is $1,800.

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