10 Sneaky Ways to Save Energy

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With winter in full swing, energy bills are on the rise across the country. Since you’d rather not freeze to cut back on energy use, why not find a few other practical ways to accomplish the same job? From optimizing your appliances to redecorating for efficiency, here are 10 sneaky ways to save energy (and prevent your electric bill from looking like a second mortgage).


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1. Try conservation cooking

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cooking, sauce, whisk, whisking, stove, stovetop, saucepan, stirring, kitchen
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Gathering around the table for a homecooked meal is a great way for your family to stay connected amidst busy school and work schedules. But did you know the cooking process is also a fantastic opportunity to save energy and lower your monthly bills?

To reduce energy use while cooking on the stove, choose a pot that’s about the same diameter as the burner you’re using. This simple step can save you $36 annually for electric ranges and $18 for gas stoves.

And keep that oven door closed! Internal temperature can actually drop by 25 degrees each time you open the door, so trust your recipes and make sure the oven light is working to maximize your savings.

For even more ways to save while cooking, check out Earth911′s guide to conserving energy in the kitchen.

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