Low Waste, High Style: Crazy Eco Home Decor

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We all want a living space that we’re proud to show off. But in many cases, home furnishings can leave a sizable footprint on the planet. To give you a few low-impact ideas for your eco pad, Earth911 rounded up the coolest, craziest and most innovative design solutions that came across our desks last year. Browse our treasure trove of eye candy, and snag some ideas for cutting waste without sacrificing style.


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1. Recycled Glass Countertops

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Photo: Glass Recycled
counter, top, countertop, apples, bowl, fruit, kitchen, terazzo, glass, recycled
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Founded by Flint, Mich. native Tim Whaley, Glass Recycled specializes in gorgeous designs made from glass that was once destined for the landfill.

“The art of traditional terrazzo is difficult, costly and not very friendly to the environment,” the company said on its Website. “But with our techniques, we’re ‘upcycling’ glass that’s headed to landfills. In other words, we’re turning ‘trash glass’ into useful products.”

The Dallas-based company mixes crushed post-consumer and industrial glass with epoxy resin to form stunning terrazzo designs for countertops, flooring and landscaping.

Head to Glass Recycled for price lists, color choices and specifications. To peep more photos, check out the full story on Glass Recycled here at Earth911.

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