Green Your Workout with Recycled Fitness Gear

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You’ve seen Levis made from plastic bottles and you may be familiar with Patagonia, the outdoor apparel company that became famous for making fleece jackets from recycled PET. But did you know you can buy workout gear made from lots of unusual recycled materials, too? Greening your workout isn’t always straightforward, since when you head to the gym or out for a run there’s only so much you can do to green your routine. Seeking out recycled items for your workout may be easier than you think, though, so take a look at some of our suggestions to make fitness more eco-friendly.

1. Athletic Shoes Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

New Balance newSKY
Photo: New Balance
New Balance newSKY
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In addition to jeans and fleece jackets, plastic bottles can also be turned into athletic shoes. New Balance makes a line of shoes called newSKY, whose fabric is made from 95% recycled PET plastic. The company describes the shoes’ design as “minimalist” because it requires less material to produce than a standard athletic shoe.

The polyester fibers are breathable and lightweight, and each pair of shoes consists of eight plastic bottles worth of recycled material.

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