DIY Style: Make Your Own Fashions for Less

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Fashion trends change in the blink of an eye, and those of-the-moment threads you picked up last season are already on their way “out.” Sure, you want to keep up with the latest fashions, but buying new clothes each season can be pricey. Prematurely tossing those once-trendy duds also produces excess waste, increasing your impact on the environment. So, what’s a green girl to do? Rather than heading to the mall for the latest fashion find, repurpose old, rarely-worn clothes from your closet and other recyclables from around the house to create new-to-you outfits that are as stylish as you are. Read on for ideas you’ll love.


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1. Stitch a new skirt from old sweaters

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Photo: Gina Michele/Rock Mosaic
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This spin-ready circle skirt is so fun and flirty, you’d never guess it was recycled. But it’s actually made from five salvaged sweaters, stitched together to create a lovely contrast effect that’s more than on-trend.

Rock Mosaic blogger Gina Michele sourced her cashmere and wool sweaters from a local thrift store. But you’ll reduce waste even further (and get a bigger bang for your buck) by using those old, holey sweaters from the back of your closet instead!

Follow these simple guidelines to piece your skirt together, and design a new winter look that’s tasteful, not wasteful.

For a simpler style, check out this sweater-to-pencil-skirt transformation from Pearls & Scissors blogger Hanna Paal. In a few simple steps, that old sweater will become a cozy and sleek dress piece that’s perfect for work.

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