10 Awesome Upcycled Products from Ethical Ocean

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Walking the fine line between stylish and sustainable can be tough. Sure, you want to buy products that align with your values. But you also want to pick up something you actually like, so it won’t sit forgotten in the back of a closet and create excess waste. To help you exercise your purchasing power in a way that reflects your beliefs, Earth911 rounded up 10 upcycled products from one of our favorite online sellers, Ethical Ocean. In addition to being seriously awesome, each of these products is recycled, vegan-friendly and comes with a story you can feel good about, giving you a real connection to what you’re buying.

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Homepage Image: Totem Bags via Ethical Ocean

1. National Ballet Alice Messenger Bag

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Photo: Totem Bags courtesy of Ethical Ocean
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Founded by Toronto mom Melissa Richardson, Totem Bags features handmade carry-alls and tech cases that blend urban high fashion with street-chic style.

Made from banners, truck tarps and other recycled materials Richardson sources from her hometown of Toronto, the Totem Bags line proves keeping waste out of landfills can be both fun and fashionable.

The stunning Alice messenger bag is made from an upcycled promotional banner from the National Ballet of Canada’s performance of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” The strap is made from an upcycled seat belt, the handle was once a bicycle inner tube and a repurposed truck tarp composes the bag’s body.

Price: $147.27


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