Decommissioned Sea Fort Reborn as Luxury Island Retreat

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Upcyling out-of-use structures for modern day needs is nothing new. But when we saw this design-centric repurposing of a decommissioned British sea fort, we knew we had to get a closer look. Located one mile outside Portsmouth Harbor in Hampshire, England, the mid-Victorian Spitbank Fort sat vacant for decades until it was reborn as a luxury island destination that’s making headlines in the U.K. and beyond. Take a look inside to catch a glimpse of innovative reuse that’s sure to impress greenies, travel junkies and design-lovers alike.


Going from wasted space to high luxury

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Photo: Spitbank Fort
spitbank, fort, england, hotel, luxury. island, resort, getaway, retreat, boat
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Portsmouth Harbor, Hampshire, england, spitbank, fort, island, resort, hotel, luxury

After being sold by the Ministry of Defense in 1982, the decommissioned Spitbank Fort went through a number of private owners before finally being purchased by Clarenco Group and its executive chairman, Buckinghamshire entrepreneur Mike Clare.

Led by Clare, the group spent $4.5 million to refurbish the former military stronghold and transform it into a luxury island resort that is fast emerging as one of the top getaway destinations in the U.K.

While the reimagined Spitbank Fort features ultra-modern fixtures and decor elements, its jaw-dropping design schemes incorporate much of the original structure, including rugged exposed brick and armor-plated walls.

Scroll through to get an up-close look at this structural reuse project and marvel at some seriously awesome design eye candy.

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