Hacks and Mods to Repurpose Your Own E-Waste

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Be honest: How many out-of-date electronics are gathering dust in your basement? Sure, you can recycle your obsolete gadgets. But thanks to the tinkering skills of techies from around the Web, you can also find loads of creative ways to upcycle all that e-waste yourself. Ready to geek out? Feast your eyes on these clever hacks and modifications that make repurposing your own e-waste both sustainable and stylish.


Homepage Image: Barrett Crites/Atomic Indy

1. Desk lamp made from an old camera

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Photo: Kirsty M/Kootoyoo Blog
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If you’ve recently upgraded to a fancy new DSLR, don’t let your old camera gather dust in the back of a closet!

This clever project from Kootoyoo blogger Kirsty will help you transform a rarely-used film SLR camera into an eye-catching desk lamp for your home or office.

The Australian crafter was so taken by her innovative project that she even declared it “the best thing I’ve ever made.”

Want to give it a try at home? Head to this simple how-to at Kootoyoo for tips and step-by-step instructions to guide you along the way.

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