Green Purchasing and Leasing of Electronics

Keep in mind the disposal of your newest electronic when purchasing. There are several green characteristics to look for when choosing anything from a new flat-screen TV to that MP3 player that fits right into your pocket. Leasing is also an option to consider if you’re planning on upgrading within a year.

Green Purchasing

Green purchasing involves buying products (in this case, electronics) based on their environmental impact. This includes various aspects of the product’s life cycle, such as energy consumption or the materials used in production, shipping and packaging.

Northwest Product Stewardship Council Green Purchasing Content


The U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR program has information about ENERGY STAR-labeled computers, monitors and printers, including criteria and lists of qualifying products:


Many computer manufacturers provide leasing options for their products. Leasing may ultimately extend the useful life of equipment. Here’s a few manufacturers that participate: