Fuel-Saving Apps for Your Commute

Take back your commute with these five fuel-saving apps that will help you avoid traffic jams, optimize driving habits and save some cash at the pump. Smart drivers, rejoice!

Photo: Surich Technologies Inc.

Photo: Surich Technologies Inc.


Price: $2.99

GasTrax works by utilizing the GPS on your Apple device to calculate speed, distance traveled, number of stops and how many CO2 emissions your car produces on each trip.

The app will also give you an efficiency score based on your driving habits, provide MPG data in real-time and calculate the total time your car sat idle during each excursion – making it easy to adjust your commute to maximize fuel efficiency.

Download GasTrax for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Android Alternative: If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, check out GasLog – a top-rated app that boasts similar features and will also help you get those MPGs in check.

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