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The Earth911 Audience

5.2 Million annual users 65% are 18-44 years old Source: Google Analytics
3.2 Million annual searches using Source: Google Analytics & Earth911 Search
9 million impressions annually 263,200 social media followers Source: Google Analytics



Earth911’s partners can place display ads throughout the site (run-of-site ads) to accompany their Native Posts and in exclusive positions such as the home page and the main page of each section (Technology, Home & Garden, Events & Entertainment, etc.).

For all types of display ads, we provide complete analytics, including impressions and click-throughs.

Native Post

We research and create content that’s relevant to — and approved by — our partners in a series of Native Posts, with editorial topics and a calendar to be approved by the partners.

Native Posts are prominently featured on the website and shared across our social platforms and content distribution network, all written with the intent of creating an emotional connection with readers.

Our approach provides a seamless experience for our readers, drives higher engagement and achieves better performance on partner pieces overall when compared to standard advertorials.

Newsletter Sponsorship

Our Earth911 newsletter — delivered two times weekly to over 20,000 active subscribers — offers two advertising positions: a top-of-the-page banner ad, and a centrally located 300x250 ad.

With a Newsletter Sole Sponsorship, partners can place their messaging in both ad positions for a particular newsletter edition.

Partners also can opt for a Newsletter Takeover, where their exclusive advertisements are accompanied by their Native Posts. Besides helping drive awareness and engagement, a Newsletter Takeover boosts traffic to our partners’ Native Posts that have been running throughout their campaign.

Fact-O-Grams & Polls

Earth911 writes and designs Fact-O-Grams, or branded infographics, which we share via at least three of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.).

These quick-read infographics get great traction in the social media space, where brevity and visual interest are key.

Reader Polls: Earth911 can create polls for gathering data from Earth911 readers, built around questions provided by you, the partner. All collected data gathered from the polls is shared with you.

Recyling Guide Sponsorhip

For many of our readers, our Recycling Guides are the entry point to the Earth911 brand – making them a smart investment for our partners’ advertising dollars.

As a sponsor of a Recycling Guide section (e.g., Computer Monitors, Aluminum Cans, Tires, etc.), a partner receives: a banner image; a rotating slide share of media components like ads, infographics, and video links; as well as custom recycling-related content.

* The Recycling Guides are some of our top-viewed pages on the site.

Recycling Directory Sponsorship

Do a Google search for “recycling” plus almost any other term — aluminum cans, tires, metal, etc. — and our Recycling Directory is almost always among the first results, a testament to the enormous popularity of this resource.

This high-visibility asset makes the following options appealing especially for our partners:

Search Messaging Alerts, where a text box appears above search results providing further information about the material searched or listings below.

Search Messaging Campaigns, where a banner ad appears above search results for a particular company, material or recycling location.

Sponsored Results Campaigns, where a company is moved to the #1 search result for a particular material and location. A partner can even choose to further connect its brand with the Earth911 Directory by connecting our API to their company website, thus allowing the directory to essentially “reside” on their domain.

iRecycle App

iRecycle is the premiere application for finding local (United States Only), convenient recycling opportunities when you are on the go or at home. iRecycle provides access to more than 1,600,000 ways to recycle over 350 materials in the United States.

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Data Services-Recycling Locator

Recycling Locator(s): This drop-in-place recycling locator is a simple, quick solution to deliver instant, local recycling results to consumers via your consumer facing website.

Cultivate: A consumer audience that trusts your brand because it aligns with their values.

Create excitement around your company’s product stewardship initiatives by connecting with consumers channels they use every day.

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