Costco Upgrades E-cycling Program

Through a partnership with Gazelle, is expanding on its program to offer electronics trade-in for store credit.

In 2007, Costco first announced its trade-in program, a partnership with GreenSight technologies. The Gazelle partnership has not affected this, as Costco members can still sell products online in exchange for Costco Cash Cards. The program also offers free Gazelle shipping boxes and covers shipping costs if the item is valued at over $1.


While some products, such as aluminum cans, do not require sorting or separation, e-waste is not composed of just one material. Electronic devices are constructed with many different materials, so recycling of e-waste is a more complex process. Photo:

Costco is now informing consumers where to drop-off larger electronics that can’t be easily mailed. The drop-off locations provided are part of the Gazelle Recycle Network. Depending on the location, these items can also be sold for recycling. The new Web site also informs consumers where to drop-off electronics in all 50 states.

The trade-in program covers most portable electronics, including cell phones, laptops and video game systems/games.

Products are organized by category and brand, and promises that all electronics will receive a sale offer no matter their condition. Any electronics will be wiped of personal data prior to recycling.

Costco does not currently offer electronics take back in its retail stores. Other retailers, such as Best Buy and Staples, provide this in-store service to customers, but instead of receiving money for the devices they may have to pay for recycling.

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