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Strawless soda lids  


Mitch Ratcliffe
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13/06/2018 8:30 pm  

We all know the plastic straw and lid with its cut "X" waiting for a straw from, well, every fast food restaurant ever. They are regular and polluting features of many meals. 

Let's create a movement to get restaurants to abandon the plastic and straws altogether. Here are a few ideas:

A paper lid with a spout -- similar to a child's tippy cup -- could replace both the straws and lids. Waxed paper, unfortunately, cannot be recycled.

Biodegradeable lids, as used with hot drinks, that include a mouthpiece. The lids won't breakdown in landfills without heat, so we need a recycling strategy to separate the lids for processing.

Stop drinking soda may be realistic, but we aren't going to stop drinking liquid. The problem of lids that prevent spilling and allow drinking will apply to any drink served.

Mitch Ratcliffe

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16/06/2018 7:43 pm  

I like the idea of incorporating a small spout, how about like the one that Morton's Salt used like, forever? it tucked away inside the carton until you pulled it out. Well, let's keep the idea, anyway. Run it up the old flagpole, see if it waves. thank you for all the work you are doing!