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Eating with the Seasons  


Mitch Ratcliffe
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24/12/2018 11:38 am  

How do you adjust your dining to match the season? 

Mitch Ratcliffe

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06/02/2019 8:44 am  

Hi! I live in France and here we have services for the delivery of baskets of seasonal products made of fruit and vegetables. Thanks to these services we can eat seasonal fruits and vegetables every day.

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17/04/2019 2:52 am  

Hello. Where I live, each season brings new wild foods, and many foraging opportunities. 

I am often found out in Nature, gathering foods and medicines for immediate use and storing for later use. 

To all who read this:

Please do not go out and eat whatever.  There are many plants and fungi that can seriously harm your body, and even cause Death. Either educate yourself or go out with someone experienced, if you do not know without doubt your plants and other natural goods. Web search is not adequate education, and there is a lot of misinformation on plants and fungi and the like. 

Please Educate Yourself Before You Forage!


Thank you.