Plastic bag recycle

Plastic bag recycle  


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07/02/2019 12:06 pm  

Is it true that the plastic bags in which we get powdered milk, dried fruit, and lunch meat are not recyclable if they do not have a #2 or #4 plastic label or otherwise called recycable?   These bags are heavily decorated and generally have no clear plastic area so perhaps the presence of the dyes and inks are a factor.   Also, what about mailing bags that are not identified as #2 or #4?   They are often gray, and we can cut out paper labels.

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07/02/2019 4:55 pm  

It is not true that any unmarked plastic is unrecyclable, but it does make handling it very uneconomical. Additionally, the contents are a form of contamination, so they must be cleaned. These are solvable problems.

Terracycle has several programs for plastic bags:

The food packaging programs at Terracycle are generally branded offerings, such as the Malt-O-Meal program here:



Mitch Ratcliffe

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10/04/2019 4:56 am  

I think the plastic which are unmarked are not recycleable. You can recycle plastic grocery bags at drop-off bins at most grocery stores, and other types of plastic bags, too. Most of the plastic films we encounter every day are a form of #2 or #4 plastic called polyethylene, the same plastic that makes milk jugs and margarine tubs, and include things like: Grocery bags, Produce bags, Bread bags etc.



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17/04/2019 3:14 am  

Hello. Plastic bags are basically the bane of our human existence. Every little everything is encased and embossed with a hint of plastic. 

I once had heard that we are so inundated with plastics that we have detectable amounts of said plastics excreted through our urine.

We piss plastic. Nice.

So, really until we can somehow Completely Eliminate the usage of these plastics, we must employ them after their intended use has ended.

There are many recycling options for much of the plastics. However, there are some that have no viable repurpose. So, what can we do?

I have a lot of strange and for me, exciting ideas about what to do with the accumulation of stuff. 

Plastics are kind of tricky. 

If they can be recycled, awesome. If not, well...

Thin film plastic can be cut into strips, tied together, and wound as a strange sort of loud yarn. This can then be knitted, or crocheted into all sorts of fun things. 

I have made hats, baskets, purses, and other things this way, with thin film plastics. (Even old video and cassette tape I have crocheted!)

The weird and random other kinds of plastics are harder to deal with. 

They can be put to use, though. 

Small hard plastic bits can be used in rock tumbling, encased to make a rain stick or rattle, pieced to make mosaic art, drilled for jewelry or beads, or even used in the garden for border decoration. 

Any other in between plastics could be used as underlayment for floating laminate floors, or probably any other type of flooring. It could also be pieced together to make vapour barriers.

These are just a few ideas. 

Thank you for recycling!