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Plastic film with adhesive on one side  


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17/06/2019 3:59 pm  

At work we receive some raw materials with a protective plastic film stuck to the sheets of materials. Trying to figure our if this sticky plastic film can be recycled, or if anyone knows of a recycling service that accepts this type of plastic film?

Waste Management is our hauler, and they have said they accept plastic films (only non-adhesive), but I am not confident in the source I spoke to. I also wonder what would happen to it if we stuck it in the recycling bin. Does it contaminant the whole batch?

Mitch Ratcliffe
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18/06/2019 10:21 am  

Good question. Do you know what the sticky substance is? 

The short answer to your question is, Yes, the adhesive is a contaminant in the plastic recycling process and could "ruin" a large batch of plastic. The adhesive film may be recyclable, depending on what it is, but you'll need to be able to identify the substance to the recycler before they accept it. Plastic film, even without adhesive, can be dangerous in a materials recovery facility because it can jam machinery if not handled correctly. With a little more information about the adhesive, we might be able to tell you more.


Mitch Ratcliffe