recycling adhesive ...

recycling adhesive paper scraps.  


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30/07/2019 5:11 pm  

I work for a company that uses adhesive paper to print images for customers.  However, we tend not to use the whole sheet and I wanted to know if there is a possible way to recycle this type of paper:

We do, however, donate some of our sticker paper scraps to our employee that repurpose it for crafting projects, but we discard so much that she is unable to take any more.

Mitch Ratcliffe
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31/07/2019 2:57 pm  

Welcome, Edward. Great question. The Epson paper you asked about is a composite material that is not generally recyclable because the paper fibers and PET (Plastic #5) are mixed together. This is a type of paper, as you know, made for signage and it is the weather-resistant features of the paper that make it difficult to recycle. Printing on plastic-only media is an option, because the plastic can be deinked and processed, but it won't work with your current printer.

That said, new processes are being developed and composites are big targets for recovery among entrepreneurs. We'll be sure to call out any new options. 

Mitch Ratcliffe