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Sharing my Mothering Earth podcast  


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15/04/2020 7:55 am  

Would you like to learn about ways to live sustainably and gently on our Mother Earth? Then, I hope you will take a listen (and subscribe!) to my Mothering Earth podcast.

I am an environmentalist, media producer and educator with a deep and abiding interest in protecting our Mother Earth. My podcast program, Mothering Earth, is my latest effort to spread the word that we all need to mother our sweet Earth. We can do that, when we have the necessary knowledge. This website, Earth911, helps bring us that knowledge and information. So too, does the Mothering Earth podcast.

Mothering Earth focuses on issues related to living a sustainable life. Past programs have focused on saving bees, wind power, food waste, dark skies, creative reuse, rainwater collection, trees, water, land management, riparian repair zones, river health, zero waste, growing local, solar power and many more sustainable living topics.

Mothering Earth is available on Apple Podcasts, Radio Public and other podcast players. Each program is 26 minutes of interesting, informative and fun conversation. Take a listen! You can hear Mothering Earth here:

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What issues would you like to hear about on Mothering Earth?