Small plastic parts...

Small plastic parts that cannot be recycled  


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23/05/2019 1:37 pm  

Are there facilities that collect such waste for innovative use? This is about plastic straws, vape pods, the hard plastic pieces in toys, basically everything plastic that cannot be recycled. If there are any experts on this around with handy links to various sites, it would be great. Government really needs to do more on this, it is very dispiriting to see no action. 

Thank you !

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23/05/2019 2:45 pm  

Hi, thanks for your question. The answer is complicated because of economic considerations, but there is progress toward better recycling of these materials. The problem is sorting those materials, whether at home or in the transfer facility -- they are hard to identify. Specialized recyclers are appearing, and we will add more "small" components to the Earth911 database as they start to be captured reliably.

Mitch Ratcliffe

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