10 Green Cases for Tablets, E-Readers

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From right to left: Quince for the iPad, Kroo Cork for the Samsung Galaxy, Eco-Vue for the Kindle

Amanda Wills contributed to this article

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that the tech world is all about tablets. And along with sexy electronic toys (yes, we want one) come their cool accessories – particularly protective covers and cases.

Earth911 hunted down tablet covers that are stylish, functional and, of course, eco-friendly. Check out our top picks made with sustainable and/or recycled materials that fit the more popular tablets and e-readers on the market: Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color and the Amazon Kindle.

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  1. This is interesting but what I would really like to know is which tablet/reader has the best environmental performance including cradle to grave manufacturing and adherence to fair trade. Does anyone know more about this?

  2. Great review of tablet eco friendly tablet readers. I am actually kind of surprised not see a review of A Lot to Say’s iPad case, which are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. GreenSmart also makes iPad cases out of recycled plastic.

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