10 Reuse Ideas for CDs and DVDs

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8. DVD Case Fly Box

If you or someone you know loves to fish, why not surprise him or her with a brand-new fly box made from an old DVD case? Rustic Crafts blogger Renee was stuck for a reuse idea for her old DVD cases until she spotted some flies her husband had placed in her craft room. Then, the light bulb came on.

As outlined in her fly box tutorial, Renee used some old pieces of foam and a slab of birch from her backyard to create a handy fly box that’s any sports-lover’s dream. Try expanding on this idea to make jewelry cases, keepsake boxes, or pen cases. Share your ideas in the Earthling Forum!


Treat your favorite angler to this clever fly box made from an old DVD case. Image: Renee/Rustic Crafts

9. CD Clock

Making clocks from old CDs has become so popular that retailers even sell kits to help you do this craft at home. If you’re feeling extra-ambitious, try this kit-free clock idea from Mixed Media Artist blogger Cyndi Lavin — complete with a pendulum and painted face.

Unless you’re a seasoned clock maker, you’ll need to pick up a set of pre-made clockworks with a swinging pendulum to get started. Then, simply paint your disc using Lavin’s tutorial, insert the clockworks, and you’ll be left with a clever timepiece for your bedroom or family room.

10. Recycled Desk Caddy

If you’re always on the hunt for a pen, highlighter, or piece of tape in the office, try creating a convenient desk caddy from your old CD cases. A pen-holder made from upcycled jewel cases may not sound like the most exciting craft. But with Upcycled Design Lab’s spinning desk organizer project on RecyclArt, you can turn a few jewel cases into a personalized pen-holder. Check out Upcycled Design Lab’s video tutorial.

Those are just a few ideas for reusing the unrecyclable CDs, DVDs, and cases around the house. If you have your own project inspirations, share them in the Earthling Forum to spread the goodness.

Editor’s note: Originally published on January 12, 2012, this article was updated in December 2018.


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