Apple Patents Solar-powered iPhone


Apple has patented a new solar-powered iPhone, a feature that techies have been talking about since the first time their phones didn’t hold a charge while Googling on the go.

But don’t expect the iPhone’s newest feature to be like the other bulky portable panels you’ve seen on cell phones in the past.

According to Patently Apple, the iPhone will still, well, look like an iPhone. This is because the cell panels will be housed beneath the multi-touch surface as opposed to the surface.

In true Apple form, this company won’t be subbing sleek design for function. The technology could also work on the back of the iPhone as well.

“By switching the iPhone’s backside substrate to a non-metal surface would clearly open the door for Apple to implement a double-sided solar panel design,” reports Patently Apple. “This would double the amount of power that the cells would be able to draw in order for them to power the media player longer.”

There are no reports of the official launch date of the new technology. However, it’s unlikely that the technology will be ready for the upcoming version, which debuts next week.

Photo: Patently Apple

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