Battery Innovations Could Improve Charge Time in Electric Vehicles


Innovations in battery construction could make charging an EV much faster. (Stock Photo)

3-D is all the rage these days – movies, televisions, video games and now 3-D lithium-ion batteries.

A new, advanced 3-D battery that can recharge in 12 minutes, as opposed to two hours, could soon hit the market and find an especially illustrious use in electric vehicles.

The battery’s internal construction is what makes it so advanced. Instead of arranging thin layers of lithium and carbon, scientists at Colorado State University in Fort Collins have put nanowires in a three-dimensional configuration, which has doubled the battery life, made recharging super-fast and lightened the weight. This is a perfect combination for EVs.

While the prototype is the size of a cell phone battery, hardly large enough for EV use, the innovations are promising.

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