This Solar Backpack Can Charge Your Tech

BirkSun, solar

BirkSun’s Levels backpack comes with a built-in 4.5 watt solar panel. Photo: BirkSun

BirkSun, a new company based in San Francisco, makes solar-powered bags and backpacks that make it possible to charge your small electronics while on-the-go. Earth911 staff writer Katie Sukalich recently had the opportunity to test out BirkSun’s Levels backpack ($150), which features a 4.5 watt solar panel and can charge your phone, music player, iPad and a handful of other gadgets.

My initial observations about the backpack were that it looked attractive and functional. The solar panel isn’t huge like some panels, so if I wore the backpack while walking down the street, people probably wouldn’t stare at my back wondering what I was wearing. The backpack also has pockets for holding a water bottle and laptop and it has a bungee cord on the front, which BirkSun suggests could hold wet items. The Levels backpack’s design makes it versatile, so it could be used in a variety of situations.

Click through to learn more about how the Levels backpack works.

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