BMW’s Smartphone App Tests Your EV Readiness

BMW is testing the waters before diving headfirst into the electric vehicle market.

The luxury automaker launched its EVolve mobile app today in order to determine the compatibility of drivers’ current habits with an EV lifestyle.

EVolve is intended for every type of commuter and will measure your trip by car, foot, bus or train. According to Aaron Singer, BMW’s product manager for electric vehicles in the U.S., after collecting a couple of trips, the app determines the best type of EV for you, based on traveling habits.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re based or what you drive,” says Singer. “It just gives you snapshot of whether or not an EV would fit into your lifestyle.”

The company says it hopes that this connection with its drivers will provide the information that will be useful on a wider scale for future technologies and better design for vehicles and cities’ EV infrastructure.

EVolve is available for free on iTunes today and will launch in the Android Marketplace later this month.

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  1. This is a great idea. I currently own a Prius, but had the opportunity to drive a Lexus Hybrid and found that it better suited my driving habits. To have known the different options would have been great.

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