Eco-Friendly Design Contest Lets Engineers Shine

Crafty in the electric engineering department? Looking to use your design skills to better the environment? Try your hand in the international Live EDGE eco-design contest.

Live EDGE (Electronic Design for the Global Environment) is a global design contest for engineering students and professionals, sponsored by Premier Farnell PLC, a leading multi-channel distribution group supporting engineers and purchasing professionals globally.

Design submissions must be original and innovative, use electric or electronic components and positively impact the environment. Increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions are two examples of design yields the contest is looking for.

Winners are awarded a cash prize, a support service package and the opportunity to bring their environmentally friendly design to the global marketplace.

“Once again, Live EDGE will showcase the most innovative designs from the global electronic design engineering community,” sais Harriet Green, CEO of Premier Farnell PLC. “Last year’s competition was a huge success. I look forward to seeing this year’s winners and helping to bring their designs to market.”

Winning Designs

Since its launch in May 2007, over 3,500 submissions have been made from 102 countries. Here are some notable designs benefiting the environment:

One Live EDGE applicant designed a LED intelligent light.

One Live EDGE applicant designed a LED intelligent light.

  • MyFan– The winner of the 2007 design, the MyFan is a ceiling fan which combines an electronically commutated motor and controller, an aerodynamically efficient blade design that reduces fan input power by up to 66 percent from a traditional fan and LED integrated lighting.
  • Power Supply– A student from Austria designed a unique miniature battery saving switch-mode power supply.
  • Sun Tracker– A submission from Portugal optimizes the effectiveness of solar panels with the 3D Sun Tracker.
  • Energy Gauge– A design from England manages the use of electrical sockets, controlling electricity usage.

Submissions for Live EDGE can be submitted through January 31, 2009 at

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