Are We Moving Closer to Coast-to-Coast EV Travel?

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The GOe³ team strikes a pose with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett (second from right) at the fast-charge station grand opening at Bowlin Travel Centers Picacho Peak Plaza in Picacho, Ariz. earlier this month. Photo: GOe³

Earlier this year, Earth911 told you about Scottsdale, Ariz.-based startup GOe³ and its plans to launch a coast-to-coast network of electric vehicle charging stations – allowing fuel-free, electric interstate travel between East and West Coast cities.

This month, the company moved one step closer to its goals – unveiling the first of 26 planned EV fast-charge stations in Arizona. Unlike many other charging stations in operation, which can only support certain EV brands or plugs, the GOe³ station supports almost all modern electric vehicles, including the Ford Focus Electric, Tesla and Nissan Leaf.

Located at Bowlin Travel Centers Picacho Peak Plaza in Picacho, Ariz., the fast-charge station makes fuel-free travel between Phoenix and Tuscon possible with a quick pit-stop. Thanks to the Level 3/2 combination unit – which includes a Level 3 DC fast charger and a Level 2 (70 amp) charger – drivers can charge their vehicles in as little as 20 minutes and get back on the road more quickly.

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In addition to allowing Arizona residents to freely travel by electric vehicle, the charging station launch blazes the trail for a 1,000-unit “Electric Highway” that will make fuel-free coast-to-coast travel a reality by 2015, GOe³ said.

“More than two-thirds of American cars exist outside urban areas – that’s 172 million cars,” Bruce Brimacombe, GOe³ founder and CEO, told Earth911 in June. “And we’re relegating the EV experiment to the cities.”

“If money had been spent to connect the cities, it would open up the entire country to the purchase of electric cars, which is where we’re concentrating our efforts.”

Brimacombe sees Arizona as a key hub for the initiation of his lofty coast-to-coast project, as it is home to branches of key interstates like I-10, I-8, and I-40.

Focused on educating the public while the infrastructure is installed, GOe³’s next launch is a documentary film and reality television show that will involve and inform Americans on the future viability of electric vehicles. So, stay tuned, America. Coast-to-coast EV travel may be right around the corner.

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