EV Charging – There's An App for That


Do you have range anxiety (the fear that an electric vehicle will run out of power before reaching your destination and leave you stranded)?

The PlugShare iPhone app allows users to share home chargers and power outlets to charge electric vehicles when public charging stations aren't easily accesible. Photo: Xatori

Silicon Valley startup Xatori wants to soothe your electric vehicle (EV) concerns with its new free iPhone app. Released today, the PlugShare app will connect EV enthusiasts, so they can share their home chargers and household electrical outlets to charge each other’s EVs.

Charging an EV at another PlugShare user’s home is a convenient way to “top off” the battery when drivers are not close to a public charging station. EV owners will continue to fully charge their batteries at home, says Xatori co-founder Armen Petrosian, and PlugShare’s community will serve as a “backup network.”

Power outlet in the garage? No problem; drivers can call or text to make an appointment to charge their EV.

The app also includes a database of public charging stations that are compatible with all EV models, including the new Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt. The company is currently working on a version of the app for Android phones.

Don’t have an EV? You can still sign up for PlugShare to let EV owners charge at your home.

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