GE’s Hybrid CFL Saves Energy, Turns on Instantly

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GE’s new CFL-halogen hybrid bulb saves energy, like other CFLs, but provides instant brightness and contains less mercury. Photo: General Electric

Hybrid cars aren’t the only eco-friendly hybrids around anymore.

General Electric announced last week that its new hybrid halogen-CFL light bulbs will be hitting stores nationwide in the weeks leading up to Earth Day, April 22.

A halogen capsule in the compact fluorescent bulb allows the bulb to turn on instantly – addressing the common complaint about CFLs that it takes several seconds for the light to come on. Once the bulb reaches full brightness, the halogen switches off and the energy-efficient CLF takes over.

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The bulbs, which look like a curly compact fluorescent inside a traditional round incandescent bulb, also contain a lower amount of mercury than other CFLs on the market. According to GE, their hybrid bulbs have 1 milligram of mercury, while the EPA estimates that the average CLF contains 4 milligrams.

GE says the lifespan of the new hybrid CFLs is 8,000 hours – eight times the life of an incandescent.

The hybrid bulb can replace 60- and 75-watt incandescents or CFLs that do not turn on quickly enough, GE says. Customers can expect to pay $5.99-9.99 for the bulbs, depending on wattage.

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  1. Too bad that it’s made by GE. GE products suck big time. Not only that, Immelts lap dog Obama is ruining our country one day at a time …………………

  2. Living in the San Francisco bay area all my life, through the energy crisis, drought etc, I noticed there are several residences who conserve electricity and reduce fuel costs too. In the 1970’s my family learned to turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in the room. To this day I continue to embrace those habits. I have 3 water saving toilets which do save money in the long run. A contractor came through and replaced all incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. Insulated the doors, windows and light sockets with air proofing material. This not only saves money when the bills come each month but I feel like I am doing my part inputing less ozone into the atmosphere. It bothers me to go to a hotel and see the lights are the old incandescent light bulbs. Every little bit helps. I am very interested in these new GE hybrid bulbs. They may be a little bit expensive but like the old saying goes ‘it takes money to make money’
    Keith M.
    Pinole, CA.

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