Get Paid For Your Old Electronics


Need an upgrade? This Earth Day, Newegg will reward consumers with gift cards for new gadgets in exchange for those defunct devices. Photo: Flickr/Oracio Alvarado

Here’s your chance to trade old, unused gadgets for a cool new electronic toy. For real.

In celebration of Earth Day, online tech retailer Newegg will reward consumers with gift cards for trading in their phones, monitors, gaming consoles and other e-waste for proper recycling.

Not sure where to take your old electronics?

Operated in partnership with cash-for-gadgets service Gazelle, the campaign aims to divert one ton of electronics from the landfill by the end of April (through the program will continue after the promotion). Plus for every box of gear processed, Newegg and Gazelle will donate a $1 to EarthEra Trust, which funds renewable energy projects through energy and carbon offsets. National e-waste recycler Cloud Blue will recycle the unusable electronics.

If your products qualify for a trade – a quick online assessment will tell you – the program covers packaging and shipping, and you’ll walk away with store credit toward another purchase. Landfill: 0. You: 1.

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