Green Products Take the Stage at CES

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show is on tap for this weekend in Las Vegas, and while not all of the 2,700 exhibitors will be showcasing eco-friendly products, energy-efficiency and resources used in manufacturing are a hot topic of discussion.

Among the numerous products that will be on display this weekend:

  • The 2009 CES is the place to be for innovations in green tech.

    The 2009 CES is the place to be for innovations in green tech.

    Motorola’s Moto W233 Renew has a shell made of plastic water bottles that requires 20 percent less energy in manufacturing.

  • Energizer’s new automotive line, produced in partnership with Universal Power Group, that ranges from jump starters to tire inflaters so motorists can handle repairs without extra driving.
  • Laptops from Hewlett Packard and Toshiba that have increased battery life to an entire workday without requiring a charge.

CES itself has an entire knowledge track dedicated to technology and the environment, including a session on recycling electronics. The show is a preview of what products are nearly ready for public release, so expect to hear more about them later in 2009.

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Trey Granger


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