In Japan, Charge Up Your Car at the Snack Machine


In Japan, vending machines will double as hotspots for charging electric vehicles. Photo: Amanda Wills, Earth911

Pop open a soda and charge up your car – that’s the future of electric vehicle (EV) use in Japan, where 10 companies announced plans this week to install electric vehicle charging stations at the site of beverage vending machines across the country, reports the AFP.

The group of businesses includes Forking Co., a major vending machine operator that works with about 1.2 million machines (about half the number in Japan), and Panasonic, which is developing charging technology in cooperation with its electronic competitors.

About 10,000 chargers will be installed at existing vending machine sites or new sites starting at the end of March. The partnership is intended to cut costs for station installations while providing a larger, cross-country network to promote EV use.

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