nPower PEG Charges Your Gadgets With Every Step

LAS VEGAS – A guaranteed commute-spoiler: having your iPod die as you’re beat-walking to that top-20 tune (ahem, I mean underground indie band jam). But never fret, dearest yuppie, the nPower PEG has come to your rescue.

The nPower PEG captures and stores your kinetic energy to charge your hand-held devices. Photo: nPower PEG

Manufactured by Tremont Electric, the nPower PEG is the world’s first charger for hand-held electronics that captures and stores your kinetic energy to be used for your phone, MP3 player, GPS or any other of the 3,000 devices with which it’s compatible.

The best part about the nPower PEG is its portability (it’s about the size of a banana and weighs 11 ounces). You can throw it in your backpack, purse or messenger bag, and it collects that precious charge with every step you take. Once you’re ready to juice up your gadget, simply plug in your device to the nPower PEG and press the “charge” button.

According to inventor Aaron LeMieux, the gadget has a 1-to-1 charging capability, meaning that for every minute you walk, you get one minute of playback time on your iPod. Its compact, recyclable lithium polymer battery stores energy for up to a year.

The PEG’s adaptive control system automatically adjusts to your activity level in order to capture maximum power. So, if you’re in serious need of a quick charge, you can simply shake the device for a power-up (or run in a circle for 30 seconds, if you prefer).

Retailing for about $160, the nPower PEG became commercially available in September, but it’s currently on back order. You can reserve your PEG now, and the company will notify you once it’s ready to ship.

In October 2010, Tremont Electric took second place at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Association i-stage competition. The nPower PEG will be on display this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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