Prius Owners: Get in Your Car and Do Something Funny

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Toyota is calling on all Prius owners to join in on a mission to set world records in their cars on March 30-31. Dubbed “Prius Records,” the live two-day event will be a platform for wannabe e-sensations to get their shot at Web fame by thinking up (in Toyota’s own words) “the craziest, most entertainingest, smartest and funnest” record-setting acts to appear on

We thought we’d poll our own staffers to see how many screwball things they could come up with in a Prius. Here’s what we got – verbatim…

Raquel Fagan (VP Media, Advertising, Partnerships): “How many marshmallows can you eat in 60 secs while dancing to Paula Abdul in your Prius…”

Aaron Witsoe (Executive Director): “Pile it full with as many recyclable items as possible!”

Megan Dobransky (Resource Editor): “How many Prius owners can you get to drive together? How many people can you convince to wash your Prius in a day? See how many plastic bags, aluminum cans, whatever you can fit in the trunk and then recycle them! I’m going to stop thinking. These are all lame…”

David Moroney (Service Coordinator): “How about fitting the most pets into one car? Or the largest fastfood order? Or the craziest dance party in a Prius? Fastest Fire Drill?”

Matthew Connelly (Business Development Manager): “What about filling up your car with people who don’t own a Prius, and drive them to their destination!” [Editor’s Note: Matt was referring to the Prius dealership as said destination… not one of doom for gas-guzzlers.]

See the live cast today at Toyota Prius Projects. Tell us your idea below or via Facebook and Twitter.

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