When Will Rayovac Recycle?


Rayovac Batteries

Duracell does it. Energizer does it. Panasonic does it. Now Texas Campaign for the Environment is wondering when Rayovac will do it — that is, work on a program to help consumers responsibly dispose of batteries.

Of the four biggest battery manufacturers, three are taking steps toward battery take-back programs that will give people nationwide an opportunity to do more than just toss out their batteries, which are considered “universal waste” by the EPA, along with pesticides, mercury-containing equipment and bulbs.

“Rayovac is way behind their competitors when it comes to offering solutions for battery recycling, and it’s past time for them to join these efforts toward sustainability,” said Robin Schneider, executive director of Texas Campaign for the Environment, in a statement. “We want them to take back their batteries for recycling, to set meaningful goals for these collections and to support legislation which would create a level playing field for battery recycling. These solutions have worked for electronics in Texas and a variety of other products nationwide, and now we want Rayovac to help make it a reality for batteries.”

Texas Campaign for the Environment recently took its pressure on Rayovac to recycle public, after privately asking the company to step up its waste reduction efforts in May. More than two dozen organizations have joined in the campaign, including Rhode Island Clean Water Action, Zero Waste Detroit and the Electronics Takeback Coalition.

“We are not afraid to take on big companies that are doing too little for the planet,” Schneider said. “We are also excited when we get to move from opposition to cooperation, and we expect that Rayovac … will make changes sooner rather than later.”

Texas Campaign for the Environment has previously been successful in getting companies to take back computers and televisions in Texas.

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