Earth911 Talks Recycling Videotapes with NBC New York

What do you do when you’re an Emmy Award–winning animator with scores of tapes — spanning years of technology advances — gathering dust in boxes? When WNBC, the flagship station of the NBC television network, set out to help a Manhattan woman figure out her options for recycling magnetic media like this, they called in Earth911 editor-in-chief Haley Shapley for assistance. Watch the segment to learn about some challenges and opportunities for recycling VHS tapes and other magnetic media:

If you’d like more information about recycling videotapes, read this story: The VHS and Cassette Tape Recycling Dilemma.

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  1. There was a VHS Museum in New York at one time, though there was a official VHS Museum it just goes to show you to Not Recycle them because they are antiques.. would you like somebody to recycle all your DVD’S just because you have a Blu-ray player?

    Don’t Recycle VCR’S or VHS tapes!! It’s illegal.

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