Top 5 Green Apps for the Droid

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An estimated 160,000 Droid phones are sold each day. Photo: Flickr/MoHotta18

We’re big fans of anything that makes going green a little easier. Tech-lovers that we are, we’ve recently become obsessed with great green apps for the iPhone, including our very own iRecycle®, but going green on the go isn’t just for the iPhone anymore.

Other smart phones are giving Apple a run for their money with hot new apps that will help you go green with every click. And guess what? Droid does.

For your downloading pleasure, here are five of the best green apps out there in the Android Market today.

1. iamgreen

We all know charging your electronics less saves energy, time and money. This battery-saving app, also available for iPhone and Blackberry, helps keep your smart phone unplugged longer.

Download the app and learn to easily change your phone’s settings to maximize battery life. You’ll also receive daily eco tips, facts and news, which you can share with your big and beloved social network via Twitter.

Share more and charge less? Sounds like a win-win to us. If you need the added incentive, a tree is planted for every download.

Price: $2.99

2. CauseWorld

Want to donate to eco charities but a little low on funds? This is the app for you. CauseWorld lets you donate to green causes just by going into stores you love.

You simply walk into a participating store, check-in on your phone and earn “karma points.” Watch your karmas add up, and donate them to the green cause of your choice.

Sponsors donate real money, and you can even share your eco achievements on Facebook and Twitter. Shop on, Androiders.

Price: Free

3. Seasonal Harvest and Seasonal Harvest Lite


For those of us who aren’t exactly agriculturally adept, it can sometimes be a struggle to plan a family meal around locally produced food. What foods are in season? How should I use them? Where can I find the locally grown good stuff? If you’ve had these questions, you’re sure to love Seasonal Harvest and its free counterpart.

Search by state or use GPS to find farmer’s markets in your area and figure out what locally-grown produce is in season. Both apps also help you find great recipes for easy dinner planning.

The free version provides a little less information. So, choose the app that’s right for you.

Price: $1.99; Lite version is free


4. GreenYou


Being able to calculate your carbon footprint while you’re standing in line at the grocery store is just one of many reasons the smart phone revolution is so rad.

Provide some basic information about transportation, housing, food, goods and services, and GreenYou will tally up your footprint for you. If it’s a little bigger than you’d like, don’t fret.

You can create your own Green Plan by selecting key actions and calculating environmental impact, allowing you to reduce your footprint in a way that’s right for you. Track your progress over time, and watch your footprint shrink.

Price: $0.99


5. SugarTrip


Being stuck in traffic is not only annoying. It’s not the best for the environment, either. SugarTrip helps you to avoid traffic-jams, saving emissions and time.

There are plenty of traffic update apps, but SugarTrip is specifically designed to be super-specific, giving city traffic updates block by block.

This one is still under construction, but is scheduled for release soon. Sign up now, and you’ll soon be planning your trip while avoiding gas-guzzling gridlocks.

Price: Free

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