Report Illegal Dumps with TrashOut App

The TrashOut app lets users report illegal dumping sites around the globe. Image: Screenshot of

The TrashOut app lets users report illegal dumping sites around the globe. Image: Screenshot of

Around the world, communities struggle with the problems created by illegal dumps. Many companies, organizations and individuals have worked tirelessly to conduct community cleanups, and now, there’s an app to help them out.

TrashOut is an app created to locate and report illegal dumps around the globe. It was envisioned by Jozef Vodicka of Slovakia, who spent time in Finland and Singapore as a college student. Amazed at how clean those countries were compared to his own land, he created the TrashOut tool to help concerned citizens report illegal dumps all over the world.

The app, which launched in 2012, allows users to report illegal dumps based on location. They can also snap and upload photos of the waste and the surrounding area, and add any other information that might be of use. The information can then be used by local authorities, community groups or environmental organizations to clean up the illegal waste.

TrashOut also has a social media component, allowing users to spread the word and connect with other members of the TrashOut community. They can even earn badges for reporting illegal waste. Similar to Foursquare in its location-based map features, the app is designed with the hope that governments will begin using it, says Peter Celko, one of the founding members of the company.

Slovakia’s branch of Greenpeace was the first organization to use it, and some other countries have begun to use it as well. The app is available in English, Spanish, German, Slovak and Czech languages. Celko says he hopes that as more people download the app, spread the word to their friends, and let their community and government officials know about it, they can literally change the world.

“We want to stop illegal dumping forever,” Celko says. “Not only to remove all of [the dump sites], but to change the mind-set of people to make them think that illegal dumping is bad.”

Want more info? Watch this one-minute video.

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