7 Ways to Reuse an Aluminum Pie Pan

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Get a bit more use out of your aluminum pie pans after the holiday season by trying one of our handy reuse ideas. Photo: Filckr/zabethanne

Get a bit more use out of your aluminum pie pans after the holiday season by trying one of our handy reuse ideas. Photo: Flickr/zabethanne

With the holiday season in full swing, you’re likely doing a bit of baking to spread the cheer among friends and family, but figuring out what to do with those ever-present aluminum pie pans after all their contents have been enjoyed can present a dilemma.

Believe it or not, these pans are recyclable, but if you’re looking to get more use out of your pans before tossing them in the blue bin, we’ve gathered up a few ideas that will make you feel like an expert upcycler. Read on to find the reuse solution that suits you best.

1. Feed the birds

Birds, squirrels and other wildlife tend to have trouble finding food during the chilly winter months. Give back to the friendly critters in your yard by creating a low-cost bird feeder from an aluminum pie pan.

Simply place the pan on a flat surface outdoors, weigh it down with a rock from the yard and fill it with the birdseed of your choice. Your feathered friends will thank you — perhaps with a chirp or two.

2. Use it for crafts

Pie pans are perfect for crafting, especially with young children. Use them as palettes for paints, or store your beads, glitters and glues in them while working on a project with the kids.

After craft time, simply wash your pan well with warm water. Then, you can either save it for future crafts or toss it right into the recycling bin.

3. Deck the halls

This tutorial from Gingerbread Snowflakes will show you how to turn those used pie pans into pretty butterfly ornaments for the holiday season.

All you’ll need is a pie tin and a few basic hardware materials to get the job done.

4. Keep candles from making a mess

Pillar candles tend to drip, and a big mess definitely ruins the ambience. Save your surfaces by placing an aluminum pie tin under your candles before lighting them.

If you’re worried a pie tin may clash with your décor, simply cut out the bottom using heavy-duty scissors and toss the sides in the recycling bin. The flat aluminum circle will be less conspicuous but will still protect your tables from dripping wax.

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