Everything You Need to Know About Buying in Bulk

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We all know that buying in bulk is good for the environment. Heading to the bulk section not only allows you to skip the packaging when purchasing pantry staples, but it also dramatically shrinks the carbon and energy footprint of your meals, as bulk goods require less overall transportation before arriving at the grocery store.

But let’s be honest: Between lugging your own containers to the supermarket and weighing out each item you purchase, buying in bulk can seem downright annoying. Even here at Earth911, many of our staffers say they’d love to try bulk but feel it would be too much of an added hassle for them.

To satisfy our curiosity about just how tricky bulk-buying really is, we sat down with a team of experts and got to the bottom of this alternative shopping tactic.

And, after all of our research, we’re pleased to let you in on a little secret: Even for the laziest among us, buying in bulk really isn’t that hard.

We know, we were surprised too. But after arming ourselves with knowledge and a few reusable shopping bags, we were set to take on the bulk section. Ready to do the same? Read on to finally put all those qualms to rest and give bulk-buying a try – saving money, reducing waste and shrinking the footprint of your nightly meals.


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