Pledge to Buy Bulk Aisle Foods this Earth Month

Photo: Bulk is Green Council

Take the pledge to “Love Bulk Foods” this April and be entered to win an awesome prize pack for your pantry. Photo: Bulk is Green Council

Want to help out the planet and snag a few cool prizes this Earth Month? All it takes is a few trips to the grocery store!

To help shoppers get familiar with bulk-buying, the Bulk is Green Council (BIG) is calling on consumers to take the pledge to purchase natural and organic foods from the bulk aisle once a week this April.

By taking the pledge to participate in BIG’s The Earth Loves Bulk Foods campaign, you’ll automatically be entered to win a prize pack filled with everything you need to create a natural pantry stocked with bulk buys (an approximate $50 value). Winners will be drawn once a week during Earth Month, which means you have four chances to snag your swag.

“Through this campaign, we hope to increase consumer awareness of the many environmental benefits of shopping the bulk foods aisle,” said Ellen Bouchard, a BIG board member and bulk category manager for Frontier Natural Products Co-op. “We want shoppers to understand that they can make a green choice when grocery shopping – by purchasing bulk foods – which has a positive impact on the environment and also helps address the issue of food waste.”

Photo: Bulk is Green Council

An employee at Cornucopia, a natural foods store in Massachusetts, shows some love for bulk foods. Photo: Bulk is Green Council

Buying in bulk carries obvious benefits for reducing packaging waste while shopping for your favorite foods, but some of the broader waste-saving perks of bulk-buying often go unnoticed. In addition to skipping the packaging, buying in bulk allows you to directly control portion size – meaning you can buy as much or as little as you need and reduce your contribution to the world’s food waste problem.

Want to try it out but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got a few tips to get you going.

“Don’t be afraid to give it a try,” suggests Clint Landis, a BIG board member and chief marketing officer at Frontier Natural Products Co-op. “If you need assistance, most bulk food aisles have a very helpful store attendant who would be willing to walk you through the steps.”

For further guidance, check out Earth911’s step-by-step guide to bulk-buying, complete with insider tips and tricks to help you do it right. When you’re ready to hit the store, take the pledge at BIG’s website for your chance to win.

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