10 Awesome Upcycled Herb Garden Ideas

Check out these adorable upcycled herb garden ideas! I can't wait to create my own DIY herb garden.


3. Wine Crate Balcony Garden

Set up on a fire escape in Manhattan’s West Village, this wine crate herb garden from creative couple Laura Ratliff and Ryan Smith proves you don’t need loads of space (or money) to give the grow-your-own movement a try.

“Most wine stores will give away the crates for free,” Ratliff suggests on the couple’s blog, Smith & Ratliff. “We had our neighborhood hardware store drill a few holes in the bottom of the box for drainage and then planted away.”

The couple notes that not all wine crates are created equal, so you’ll have much better luck if you check out a few of their sourcing and planting tips before getting started.

Get step-by-step instructions for planting your wine crate garden at Smith & Ratliff.

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      1. I am referring to the tea cup herb garden idea. It would be difficult to drill holes in a piece of bone china for drainage. Also most herbs grow quickly and get quite large. The plants would need to be transplanted into larger quarters very soon. Maybe you could put slow growing cacti in the tea cups with gravel on the bottom layer.

        1. Herbs do just fine with their roots submerged in water. I have an aquaponics system (fish tank + hydroponics) in which I’m growing lettuce, basil, and mint – all 3 are doing awesome in their little netted pots, and most of the roots system is constantly submerged. They’re still growing every day! The fish waste makes an excellent fertilizer.

          Now, if you were trying to grow tomatoes, no dice. With herbs, as long as you only water them a little bit so just the tips of the roots are submerged, they’ll do just fine. That will leave plenty of space in the drier dirt above the water line for the roots to breathe.

  1. Hi!
    I think this article is good for herb loving gardeners to get information about
    maintaining the garden.

  2. I was all jazzed up to do a tin can herb garden and then I thought about BPA leaching into the plants. I try not to eat canned foods. Instead, I collect cans from friends to repurpose (as candle holders, cutlery holders, etc.). I think I’ll forget about this now.

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