Earth Poll: Users Dig Their Reusable Shopping Bags

A recent survey on showed that Earth911 users are doing their part to reduce their plastic bag use. Of the options given, half (50.0 percent) carry reusable shopping bags to reduce disposable bag use.

While reusable bags were popular responses to the question posed[poll id=”108″ type=”result”]:

  • Only 8 percent responded that they carpooled.
  • 25 percent enjoy using CFLs at home.
  • 16 percent check our their local farmer’s markets for organic produce.

Recent changes in plastic bag legislation across the U.S. has made reusable bags more popular. Additionally, many countries around the world have enacted bag laws to reduce their citizens use of disposable bags. Grocery chains across the nation are also incentivizing reusable bag use, providing donations to charitable organizations and/or refunds on purchases.

A bag in the Red Sea looks suspiciously like a jellyfish, a common food for sea turtles. Photo: Guardian News

A bag in the Red Sea looks suspiciously like a jellyfish, a common food for sea turtles. Photo: Guardian News

Each year, about 380 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps are used. Of these 380 billion, only about 5 percent was recycled in 2005.

Due to their lightweight nature, plastic bags are one of the most popular forms of marine debris and are easily mistaken for food by fish and wildlife. In fact, small plastic bags made up about 9 percent of the debris found along various U.S. coasts in a five-year study.

Recycling plastic bags helps not only reduce our consumption of virgin materials, but also energy and carbon emissions. When one ton of plastic bags is reused or recycled, the energy equivalent of 11 barrels of oil is saved. By utilizing reusable bags, the initial energy expenditure in creating this disposable product is eliminated.

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  2. Readers of this blog are way ahead of the curve (50% carry their own…that’s great). But how often do we find ourselves needing bags and not having them? That’s why I think the key to fewer plastic bags is to make reusables more convent. I tried some bulky canvas bags and found myself without them all too often. But recently I found some bags that hold a lot, but squish down super small: Breezy Bags ( I ALWAYS carry a set of 5 in my purse and hardly know there are there. Never finding myself without my own bags is a great feeling!

  3. The user named “clear perspective” is acting on behalf of a plastic bag company and posting that link everywhere on the Net. The truth about plastic bags is that they’re a poor use of a very valuable resource (oil) which we need to create good things like solar panels.

    Bring your own bag!

  4. I walk daily along the Los Angeles river and frequently see plastic bags filled with personal garbage pitched into the river (along with a phenomenal amount of large furniture and other disgusting items!). Not only does this river flow directly into the Pacific Ocean but I’ve been told the number of ducks, egrets, herons and hawks along with other wildlife who make this river their home has drastically reduced over the last ten years. What can I do to help clean this river up? Will plastic bags ever become biodegradable for those who don’t care?

  5. I just heard that our Vons grocery store will be charging for it’s plastic bags. I’m not sure if that will include all Vons stores or just the store we use but it sounds like a great incentive idea for reusing your plastic bags. IKEA already does it for theirs.

  6. We can all do our part. Our company also has all reusable shopping bags Made in the USA. It’s a win-win situation. Win for the environment and a win for supporting the USA workers. I always carry 5 in my car and use them all the time….we can all do our part!

  7. We can all do our part in helping the environment by reusing our shopping bags. For the best in reusable shopping bags you can reach us at Care to make a difference…reuse your shopping bags where ever and when ever you shop. We will work with your company to meet your retail, fundraising, and promotional needs.

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