How Much Produce Should I Buy? 6 Simple Tips

Don't let sale prices tempt you into buying more than you really need. As Valentine says, "That doesn't help you when it's in the garbage." Photo: Shutterstock

Don’t let sales tempt you into buying more than you really need. As Valentine says, “That doesn’t help you when it’s in the garbage.” Photo: Shutterstock

Resist impulse buying

As you’re heading toward the checkout line with your portion-conscious purchases in tow, a big flashy sale sign catches your eye. Not one to pass up a value, you stock your cart with rock-bottom deals, letting proactive waste control fall by the wayside. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

“The next thing you know, you’re buying things that you’re not going to use because the perception of value was presented to you,” Valentine says. “It’s not valuable if you’re throwing it away two days later.”

Your grocery bills will be lower, and you’ll waste way less food, if you stick to your shopping list without getting sucked into specials and sales. We know it’s hard to resist the temptation, but we believe in you!

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  1. As someone who lives alone and eats lots of raw veggies I face this challenge almost daily. One way I’ve managed to reduce waste is freezing for stock. When my veggies start to get a little limp (not spoiled, but not crispy) I put them in a bag in the freezer along with my “trimmings” that I save (onion peels, herb stems, and

  2. Sometimes you just can’t resist a beautiful veggie you didn’t expect to see in the store. Go ahead. Buy it. You can compensate by taking something else off your list. There is usually some produce that isn’t up to par that day. Just be sure to add an appropiate recipe to your menus.

  3. Thanks for this post. This is always a problem that I encounter when I shop. I don’t want to waste good, organic produce so I will have to do a better job. I usually make soups, salads and smoothies with produce to use it up before it is inedible.

  4. I juice lettuce, celery, kale, etc. that is going limp and use it in soup. Makes me feel a little less guilty about it, at least.

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