Largest U.S. Brewery Achieves Landfill-Free Status


MillerCoors recently achieved landfill-free status at its Golden Brewery in Colorado. Photo: Shutterstock

MillerCoors recently announced that its Golden Brewery in Colorado, the largest single-site brewery in the United States, is landfill-free. The Golden Brewery will be the fifth MillerCoors brewery to become zero waste, and the achievement is significant, as no other brewery in the country has reached landfill-free status.

On average, the Golden Brewery eliminates 135 tons of waste per month through reuse and recycling. The site recycles paperboard, plastic, glass, metal and even brewing byproducts.

Kelly Harris, a shop floor technician for MillerCoors, played a key role in this process by conducting research and creating waste reduction plans that were used at the company’s first landfill-free brewery in Trenton, Ohio. Subsequently, MillerCoors implemented these waste reduction practices at other brewing facilities, including the Golden Brewery.

“There’s a misperception that sustainable manufacturing is expensive, but employee behaviors are really the key to efficiently and affordably making the change,” Harris said in a press release. “Working alongside brewery leadership, we developed a way to do things differently and implemented new manufacturing processes at the brewery. We’ve proven that there’s an alternative place for all waste, even at one of the world’s largest breweries.”

MillerCoors plans to move forward by putting zero-waste practices in place at its other breweries.

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