New SunChips Bag is Less Noisy, Still Compostable


Frito-Lay's new compostable bag for original-flavored SunChips registers 70 decibels, compared to its first attempt that measured up to 95 decibels.

Frito-Lay’s April 2010 launch of its first compostable chip bag for SunChips couldn’t have come at a better time. In the days leading up to Earth Day, “green” was commercial, and anticipation was high for something big.

Then the product hit shelves. What shortly followed wasn’t praises for innovation, but rather outcries of disappointment. Simply put, the bag was too loud – some measurements started at 80 decibels, but others came in at a “deafening” 95 decibels (the average chip bag registers about 70 decibels).

Frito-Lay yanked the bags in October, but it didn’t pull the plug on its project. Four months later, the company has unveiled a quieter chip bag, registering 70 decibels. Frito-Lay says it was able to muzzle the sound by using a rubber-like adhesive.

Frito-Lay is currently in the process of shipping out the bags to retailers. For now, the bags will only be available in original-flavored SunChips. The company says it will expand production pending customer feedback.

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